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Safe 4 Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitiser, is a foaming hand sanitiser which cleanses hands and other areas of skin. It has been specifically designed to be effective against bacteria and viruses, more specifically Coronavirus!

Directions for use
• Dispense hand sanitiser from bottle into hands by pressing pump and rub all over hands
• Ensure all areas of skin have been covered including around and under the nails
• Allow to dry naturally

• Effective against all strains of coronavirus including COVID-19
• Does not drip when dispensed, unlike gels
• Quick and easy to use
• Quick evaporation – does not leave a sticky residue
• Contains glycerine to help prevent the drying of skin
• Substantially more applications compared to gel
• Foaming pump turns liquid into foam – easily refillable bottle
• Falls under cosmetic regulations
• Designed to kill viruses and bacteria without drying out or irritating skin
• Available in 600ml and 50ml dispensers
• Wall brackets and sanitising stations available for 600ml
• 5L refill bottle available

5L Hand Sanitiser

  • Safe4 has been protecting professionals, those in their care and the environment for more than 20 years.

    We are now recognised as the leaders in our field as Safe4 products meet stringent efficacy tests whilst being environmentally friendly.

    We pride ourselves that we comply with the ever increasing number of regulations and directives before they become compulsory placing our customers in safe hands.

    Safe4 takes its responsibilities seriously and this is recognised by some of the world’s leading organisations who now use Safe4 to prevent harmful infection.

    All of our products are animal cruelty free and are vegan friendly.

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