Three 500ml bottles of craft beer brewed locally at Kelchner Brewery Ampthill, Bedfordshire. These beers are befitting of the names they are labelled with.

The Dark Gyr - Like the falcon, this is a dark and strong beer with attitude. A black IPA brewed with a multitude of hops and sits comfortably on a base of dark malts. Dense citrus, coffee and chocolate notes with a dry and resinous finish, make this a dark beer as illustrious as the Black Gyr.

The Austringer- This beer is a striking red colour like the eye of a seasoned goshawk. Brewed in a traditional style with modern ingredients. This red ale has a malty backbone, with a clean yet slightly sweet taste at the forefront. Giving way to a balanced bitter finish.

Blonde Saker - A stunning golden pale ale as majestic as the Blonde saker. Subtle flavours of biscuit from the malted barley, perfectly compliments the crisp bitterness and delicate hop aroma.

Forbes Falconry Beers