This Quadcopter Drone has everything needed for falconry practices, power and versatility make it the perfect option. The components make them very advanced meaning that the falconer will never run out of battery halfway or have any problems. Unrivaled performance compared to any commercial drone. COMES COMPLETE WITH PARACHUTE SYSTEM.


  • Assembled and tested before delivery with video proof.
    Body 450
    Flight controller Pixhawk
    GPS with integrated compass M8N
    Power Module (module to control flight battery level)
    telemetry 433mhz
    5000mah battery + charger
    It is a Drone not a toy and it contains a whopping 14 flight modes which 4 will pre-configured in the station (Stabilice, Loiter, RTL, ALT HOLD). A "scalable" equipment you never run behind as technology advances and can go adding market developments.

    In addition a free online course to learn how to set up and fly your drone and be self sufficient.

    The parachute system is added with the Drone so you can add your lure and fly your drone and your prey from minute 1.