Dron Peregrine in its 2 versions (15 and 18) corresponding to the size in inches of its blades, huge dimensions of both models due to its enormous performance ... A drone can be up to 50 minutes of flight and reach 2 kilometers away giving telemetric data. unique and unmatched features with a surprisingly low weight for load capacity up to 6 kilograms. COMES WITH PARACHUTE SET UP

Peregrine 18´


    Assembled and tested before delivery with video proof.
    Carbon chassis HMF
    Flight controller Pixhawk (latest model available for purchase)
    GPS with integrated compass M8N
    Power Module (module to control flight battery level)
    Telemetry 433MHz (adapted for long distances by DronesMC)
    battery 10000mah
    Balancer charger for multiple types of batteries
    Carbon blades
    Radio Control AT9 Radiolink
    FPV (Optional)
    Camara Action (Optional)
    Additional Battery (Optional)
    It is a Drone not a toy and it contains a whopping 14 flight modes which 4 will pre-configured in the station (Stabilice, Loiter, RTL, ALT HOLD). A "scalable" equipment you never run behind as technology advances and can go adding market developments.

    In addition a free online course to learn how to set up and fly your drone and be self sufficient.


    Also added is the Drone parachute system, so you can add your lure and fly your drone and your prey from minute 1. 

    Drone is manufactured in Spain and all systems tested before shipping. Video evidence of your working drone to be sent to you.