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The tail kit for falconry is made up of a battery cover adapted to the tail mount of the clip that fixes the transmitter and the tail feather mount.

Model F22 allow this mounting system to be used alternately with others by simply unscrewing the battery cover.


  • The tail fixing system provides greater transmitter protection as it is kept out of the animal’s reach. The antenna is not soaccessible to the bird of prey and it is more difficult for it to bite it. Also, the antenna is higher than when mounted on the leg,which helps in the event of the animal going down onto the ground.As it is mounted on the tail, it should be fixed to the bird’s cock feather. This means keeping the bird almost totally immobile to insert the fixing. Once the process has been done for the first time it does not have to be repeated as the fixing remains on the feather and it just has to be inserted into the clip holding the transmitter body.

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