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Powerful radio tracking transmitter weighing 7.9 grams for birds over 450 grams. With 7 days autonomy and over 80 km scope in optimal weather conditions. This is the most powerful transmitter on the market and the only one with the CE mark.


  • Radio location transmitter compatible with the R1 + receiver. 

    • A powerful and light transmitter, Ideal for birds over 450 grams.
    • Battery operated type 1/3N, which provides a range of 7 days continuous. The low battery detector will warn you 2 days before the battery is fully depleted, making a double tone.

    • Its weight is 8.2 gr. mounted to leg, and 8.7 gr. mounted tail (battery included). 
    • The transmitter has a LED light that will let you know when it is operating. This system can be very useful in night searches. 
    433 MHz version is the most powerful legal transmitter that currently exists in the market. Its tubular shape and threaded cap system battery allows for it to be leg or tail mounted.
    • Comes with magnetic switch to turn on and off.



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