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Powerful radio tracking receiver that is pocket sized and very easy to use. Works with all UHF transmitters from 430 - 439 MHz and can memorize up to 100 channels. Type in your transmitter frequency and the receiver will automatically collaborate with it and store it. Simply change transmitter to track at the touch of a button. Also has automatic scan function.
Has a digital display that shows signal strength, numerical gain indicator (0-99) and the birds name.
Easy to use, extremely reliable, compact and the best value for money on the market.


    • Digital receiver with high performance, easy to handle and very reliable.
    • The radio tracking receiver turns the electromagnetic sign from the transmitter into an acoustic and digital signal, to be used to identify the direction of the signal where the bird carrying the transmitter is located.
    • Every emitted signal by the transmitter is received acoustically to the speaker and visually through the smitter bar. It makes the search of our animals something accurate and fast. with a numerical (0-99) showing the gain and strenght of the signal.
    • Easy to use in any field. Easy to handle with only one hand.· Internal powerful antenna which provides high sensitivity and accuracy.
    • Memorize up to 100 birds/transmitters (100 memories, with over 2,700 channels).
    • It works with standard AA alkaline cells, or rechargeable cells approved by Tinyloc, so if you run out of battery in the field you can change them immediately.
    • Automatic backlight display (with outdoor sensor light).· DDC: It has an effective system for detecting the right direction (DDC), through numeric values which help to find the precise direction, avoiding problems related to maximum field rebounds.
    • Automatic calibration: the receiver can automatically calibrates the transmitters, detecting any small variation in its frequency, increasing its performance.
    • A symbol in the display shows when the battery level is low. 
    • Allows transmitters from other manufacturers in the frequency of 432, 433 and 434 MHz.· 5 cm accuracy when locating a transmitter.
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